Office of , a unit of Silviculture Research Institute, assists the Head of Management and implement planning and resource management for the Institute.



Core role 1: Business planning and management of science, information and international cooperation

 Development of strategies, plans and programs 

  • Development of strategies, programs and plans. Provide assistance in: technology transfer, services for science and technology, business and technology development projects, marketing science and technology and intellectual property of the Institute;
  • Manage planning, and long-term science and technology programs;
  • Develop science and technology programs, give advice, and suggest projects in the Institute of Science and Technology, and to the Director of the Institute for Science and Technology, according to the strategic plans.

Management of scientific research, technology transfer, manufacturing services business:

  • Join with agency managers on organizational-level evaluation of proposals,
  • Manage verification/authentication submissions to the Director (according to national standards and regulations).
  • Manage and monitor quality of contracts, science and technology, manufacturing and business within the institute.
  • Manage the contract progress and quality.
  • Manage and supervise the implementation of the strategies and plans of the Institute.

Project Activity Information Management

  • Coordinate the work program of the Institute, and integrated the operations of the Institute, under the direction of the Director;
  • Manage the project database for Institute of Science and Technology.
  • Organize exhibitions, fairs and seminars at the SRI.

Manage intellectual property throughout the Institute in accordance with the law

Co-ordinate SRI council

International Cooperation

  • Development of integrated strategic plans for international cooperation;
  • Manage approvals for the implementation of the strategy for international cooperation;
  • Manage the implementation of projects with international cooperation;
  • Advise on monitoring and evaluation for projects with international cooperation;
  • Management of visiting scientists, and conferences.  

Core role 2: Finance

  • Provide advice to department leaders on legal issues around finance, accounting and pricing.
  • Work with the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Science (VAFS) in development of fiscal policies.
  • Guide departments in estimating annual revenues and expenditures, and check budgets (as assigned).
  • Inspect and supervise financial management of State budgets. Provide recommendations on handling violations, in accordance with the law.
  • Manage implementation of strategies and laws on waste reduction, within the institute.
  • Manage budget and project reporting, including tax.
  • Management of State Property Office.
  • Coordinate with the FSIV (Forestry Science Institute of Vietnam) in developing standards for using property for operations.
  • Management of registration rights for using state property.
  • Advise on management of state assets according to regulations.
  • Inventory state property, according to relevant laws.
  • Monitor and report on compliance in procurement, management and use of state property.
  • Undergo training as required for civil servants working in finance and accounting.
  • Manage records, assets and other resources according to regulation.
  • Perform other duties assigned by the Director.
Chief of Office
Deputy chief of Office
Chief accountant