Applied Silviculture Research & Extension

Location and function

  • The Centre for Applied Research and Extension Silviculture (abbreviation: CASRE) is under the Silviculture Research Institute. 
  • CASRE main functions are in applied research, technology transfer, international cooperation, advisory services and business in the field of forestry. 
  • CASRE is headquartered at 365 Minh Khai Street, Hanoi. CASRE’s field experiment station located in Tu Ne Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province.



  • Research into, and application of scientific progress, in the fields of silviculture and biomass management.
  • Providing production and business services around seedlings, plants, trees, planting and the urban environment. Applying research results in the processing of agricultural and forestry products. 
  • Providing science and technology services in: 
    • Information and technology transfer in forestry and plant protection; provision of improved tools for management; 
    • Investment advice and the evaluation, development and supervision of work in silviculture, urban trees ad landscapes;
    • Resources including industrial incubators, greenhouses, plant collections;
    • Basic survey, development of maps for forest and agricultural land use planning, development of sustainable management plants for forests;
    • Pest management;
    • Developing standards and technical regulations in the field of forestry;
    • Performing silviculture projects including trials in production forestry.
  • Development and management of field research on their land.
  • Cooperation with domestic and international institutions in research, technology transfer and training. 


Organisational structure

The Centre for Applied Research and Extension Silviculture is an autonomous centre, led by a Director and Deputy Director. Activities of CASRE have been assigned by the SRI. The organisation’s staff work in silviculture research, knowledge transfer, general affairs and with the experimental stations at Tan Lac, Hoa Binh.

Director of Research Center
Vice director of Research Center