The Silviculture Research Insitute implements basic and applied research on silviculture including:

  • Silvicultural understanding of natural forests, plantations and agroforestry systems;
  • Selecting tree species which are matched to site conditions, with high productivity and are suitable for reforestation, rehabilitation, forest improvement and agroforestry systems;
  • Techniques for seedling production;
  • Techniques and technologies for afforestation, forest improvement, promoting natural regeneration, forest enrichment and maintenance;
  • Techniques for using fertilisers and biological fertiliser products for plantations and agroforestry systems.
  • Site management for plantations and agroforestry systems;
  • Scientific basis for forest inventory, planning, forest growth and yield estimation;
  • Application of remote sensing techniques and GIS for research on forest inventory, planninng, forest growth and yield estimation;
  • Techniques for cultivating and developing agroforestry systems;
  • Developing forest tree species for biofuel and biomass energy;
  • Developing urban forestry and landscape management.