Maximising productivity and profitability of Eucalypts and Acacias in Indonesia and Vietnam

Leader: Tran Lam Dong
Department: Leadership Institute
Duration: 07/2015 - 06/2019
Sponsor: ACIAR
Field: Plantation forests
Categories: Project
  • Improving the management options for eucalypt and acacia plantations.
  • Improving pathways to adoption and diffusion through a better understanding of conditions that influence effective farmer investment in forestry.
  • Establishment and maintenance experiments in Java, South Vietnam and North Vietnam with thinning and fertilizer treatments.
  • Maintenance of key high value thinning experiments through to the end of the rotation.
  • Modelling and economic analysis of different land use options and plantations for higher value products and/or pulpwood.
  • Development of training program and user friendly information sheets about growing acacia/ eucalypts to suit local growers.
  • Implementation of training and evaluation programs with local extension officers and acacia/eucalypt growers to improve farmer livelihoods.
  • Analysing existing social capital, through a network survey to identify points of strong social capital that can be leveraged and network gaps that are impediments to improved return from forestry.
  • Improving the capacity of women to benefit more from plantations.
  • Preparation of policy briefs based on social study outcomes.
  • Collation and synthesis of project outcomes into a full technical report.
Major outcomes
  • Compiled report on project technical findings.
  • Policy briefs prepared in Indonesia and Vietnam.